KOMPASS CLAIMS MANAGEMENT GROUP is about giving direction, in order to deliver timely resolutions and establishment of new patterns. Geese have their own migration patterns, internal compasses and a keen sense of direction.

Kompass helps people and industry to soar...

  Kompass Claims Management Group is a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing assistance and direction in all aspects of the claims process.

An effective claims management strategy is tailored to their client’s needs, in order to deliver timely, cost-effective outcomes. Kompass Claims Management will identify these solutions by utilizing flexible and adaptable processes that are characteristic to the insurance industry and legal profession.

Our experts offer a full range of services and consulting which can begin at point of occurrence and continue to the final resolution of every claim. We also offer individual services, as well as claims advice, whether the issue is routine or more complex.

All records and files are confidential and properly maintained.

Kompass Claims Management Group will also provide training for management and employees on issues such as insurance legislation, reserve setting, negotiations, FSCO compliance or subrogation.

KCMG will also customize training programs, to suit the needs of our client.